Omicron J Trauma from the Historic Coffee Pot Roadhouse

Pop Music

Omicron J Trauma say their style is full on pop music.  Deciding where on our website to place this post took some thought.  Not because of the music genre;  the venue gave us pause.  So we ended up here in the Taproom Series, because well, the Coffee Pot has taps and they’ve been flowing for a long time.  So long in fact the building is on the Registry of Historic Places.  Some history makers have taken the stage.  Owner Carroll Bell will tell you about that.

On the night of our stream, power pop trio Omicron J Trauma headlined the Coffee Pot Roadhouse , bringing their dissociative rock sound to the biggest small stage in the South. As the culmination of a radio campaign that saw heavy rotation of their single “Leave You Alone” on 101.5 The Mountain, Omicron J Trauma is hitting the road with their full live act, blending Brandon Brown’s songwriting with a distinctive stage show.

The Band

Omicron’s unique brand of audio performance includes their recordings from Deep Ellum’s Ferralog Studios, radio-centric promotion, and a live show that blends film and pre-recorded music with Nash Griggs’ expert guitar work. Ferralog’s all analog, tape-and-typewriter approach may seem rustic, but it is far from DIY.

Producer Nathan Adamson plays drums in Omicron J Trauma. Nathan has over twenty five years of experience, performing and recording in Denver, Nashville, and Dallas. Having produced albums for The Backsliders, Jack Kerowax and other Dallas rock bands, Adamson helped develop Brandon Brown’s songwriting. He paired him with Griggs of Vegan Shark and The Moonwaves. Completing the band is its mysterious fourth member.  A half-inch tape machine that plays Griggs’ bass and synth parts.  It also runs the show between songs.  The trio draws from influences ranging from Nirvana to Supertramp and Burt Bacharach.

The Venue

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The Coffee Pot Roadhouse, an historic roadhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places hosts the evening’s festivities. The Coffee Pot Roadhouse has been a music joint since it opened in 1936 on a dirt road now known as Brambleton Avenue. Carroll Bell has owned the log structure for 41 years and seen many music greats grace his stage.

What is Roots2Rock on the road?

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