5 Points Music Sanctuary

Roots2Rock Music Venue

In addition to bringing you great music it is also our mission to introduce you to great music venues. The 5 Points Music Sanctuary is a music venue that tops our list.

5 Points Music Sanctuary

5 Points Music Sanctuary is relatively new to the Roanoke scene, opening in 2017. In this short time period 5 Points has had a great impact, bringing in national and international guests. 5 Points Music Sanctuary is an old church featuring a 2,000 sq/ft performance hall with a capacity just over 250 and a lower lever co-working space dedicated to music teaching studios, creative suites, and a 1,000 sq/ft rehearsal stage available for band rehearsals, classes, and various community uses.
The Floorboards roots2rock music
5 Points Music Sanctuary events offer events that are visually beautiful and sound great.
According to the non-profit’s website the mission is to “celebrate the power of music to unite our audiences and fans from far and wide, while providing a critical platform to support our group music therapy program and raise awareness and support for those with hearing loss. This includes creating full access concert experiences for those with hearing loss. Tyler Godsey, 5 Points founder says, ‘Sound is not just meant to be heard. Rather, it is meant to be felt and seen as well. With our Subpac initiative, efforts to bring in ASL interpreters, preferential seating, professional lighting designs, or the future installation of an inductive loop, our goal is to facilitate the various ways in which those with hearing loss can benefit from the power of live music.'”

What is Roots2Rock on the road?

Our Roots2Rock on the road series is just as it sounds. Our crew packs the gear in the wagon and hits the road to bring you live music streamed on our Facebook page. These live streams come from taprooms, smaller listening rooms and even recording studios. When we say live we mean a multi-camera switched live stream that will immerse viewers into the performance. In addition to music you see interviews with the artists and the people who run our unique venues. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to find out when the next live stream will be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help promote artists and small businesses by telling their stories. We invite you to watch Roots2Rock then visit our venues, restaurants, shops and outdoor recreation opportunities that make the Virginia’s Blue Ridge region so special. To learn more about our region click here Contact us to learn more about Roots2Rock.

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