Roots2Rock is going on the road to bring you live music. The “On the Road” series includes, The Taproom Series, The Listening Room Series, and The Recording Sessions.

The Taproom Series hails from regional craft breweries. The music is great, the atmosphere is friendly and the Brewmasters are innovative.

The Listening Room Series features the region’s unique venues, their history and the qualities that make them wonderful places to listen to music of all genres.

The Recording Sessions provide an intimate look of the artists at work; both the musicians and the audio engineers that capture the songs.

Show segments:

What’s on tap is a feature in The Taproom Series when we hear from the Brewmaster at our host brewery.

A Final Note is the part of the show when we meet the musician and find out the story behind the songs.

The Extra Content section of our website is where you’ll find stand alone features, extended interviews and more music.