The Blue Mule Mini Show

Getting Started

Blue Mule talks about their music and creative process. Three cuts from “In a Hurry” are included: “Broke Billy,” “More to Life,” and “Leave These Blues Behind.” “The Venue” was the working title for an upcoming music series now titled “Roots to Rock.” This is a “mini-show.” Roots2Rock is now a live streamed music show created and produced by New Moon Creative Media, LLC.

Tom Ohmsen on the Mandolin

If you have ever listened or watched Roots2Rock then you have heard Tom Ohmsen’s work. He has been our extraordinary audio engineer since the beginning. He vets our music acts and he just happens to be on mandolin for Blue Mule.
So who is Blue Mule? John McBroom on vocals and guitar, Eli Williams on vocals and guitar, Jerry Wood on the electric fiddle,and Tim Rhodes on banjo.

The members come from various musical backgrounds and their original music reflects that. Their sound is bluegrass with heavy doses of jazz, rock, blues and country. Playing everything from Miles Davis to Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe to Jethro Tull. Plus original creative song writing bringing a fresh perspective to modern acoustic music. Wonderful vocals and great instrumentation make them a fun live group to take in at any venue. Meet the band in this Extra Content feature.

What is Roots2Rock on the road?

Our Roots2Rock on the road series is just as it sounds. Our crew packs the gear in the wagon and hits the road to bring you live music streamed on our Facebook page. These live streams come from taprooms, smaller listening rooms and even recording studios. When we say live we mean a multi-camera switched live stream that will immerse viewers into the performance. In addition to music you see interviews with the artists and the people who run our unique venues. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

Contact us to learn more about Roots2Rock.

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