Leave These Blues Behind by Blue Mule

When we first stared working on Roots2Rock it had the working title of “The Venue.” Early in the process our crew hooked up with the brilliant musicians who make up Blue Mule. This single is on Blue Mule’s album, “In a Hurry.” You’ll hear a touch of the blues in Leave These Blues Behind.

Blue Mule

Blue Mule performed More to Life for us in an intimate concert. The band is Tom Ohmsen on mandolin. Tim Rhodes pays the banjo. Eli Williams is on guitar and vocals. Jerry Wood on fiddle. You’ll find John McBroom on bass and vocals. Tom Ohmsen does a lot of the song writing for this group and the sound engineering at his Flat 5 Recording Studio in Salem, VA.

Blues, Rock, Bluegrass

Blue Mule draws on a number of musical influences. You’ll hear Latin influences, some blues as well as bluegrass. Known for elegant instrumentation, Blue Mule, delights crowds where ever they play.


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